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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jeanne's 7-UP Pound Cake Recipe

   Late last summer we were sent a link to a YouTube video of a story called, "Don't send a man to the grocery store". I usually don't get too excited over YouTube videos, but I popped over to see what this was about. Mr. Bruce does all the grocery shopping in our house, so I thought maybe that it would have some helpful hints. Imagine my surprise and delight to watch Jeanne Robertson tell this very funny story.

   We were at Jeanne's show in Louisville, KY recently. When Jeanne told the sold out house that she was going to tell that story the whole crowd went wild. Several of us, including me, knew the story by heart and mouthed the words along with her. 
  The story mentions Jeanne’s famous 7-up pound cake recipe. The recipe is on a couple of places on JeanneRobertson.com.The recipe is at the end of an interview Jeanne did for the "Taste of the South" magazine. 
   You might want to compare Jeanne's recipe and Left Brain's recipe on this page.

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