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Monday, June 6, 2011

Jerry Robertson aka Left Brain

Jerry and Jeanne at the White House

   Today I am writing about Jerry Robertson, Jeanne's husband. He has a fun loving "twin" called Left Brain that Jeanne refers to in her stories often. Jerry and Jeanne seem like a match made in heaven, both tall, both were basketball players, and both super nice and generous people.
  Jerry and Jeanne are best friends. She makes it very clear about that; she would not talk about him or do anything to hurt his feelings.
  Jerry plays badminton..really, that is a very serious game. (OK, I confess I thought that Jeanne had made that up until I did a search online.) He is playing at the 2011 Summer National Senior Games in Houston,TX.  He will compete is men's singles, mixed doubles, and men's doubles in his age group. His partner in men's double is Dr. Alan White, who is "bestest friend" Norma Rose's husband. The picture on the right was taken a few years ago of the two couples. (Norma Rose is the short one.) 
  Side bar: Another nice photo of the two couple on the article on Jeanne site.
  Jerry takes care of the 101 things that are necessary when you run a very successful business. They do make a great team, in fact their initials are the same, JSR.
   Mr. Bruce said recently that he hoped there will be time to visit and get to know Jerry better at the "Bestest Friend" event. I personally think that Jerry and Bruce are very much alike...sweet.
  Next time, I'll write about Left Brain

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Nancy said...

Oh my goodness we've never laughed so hard and for as long as we did listeneing to Jeanie speak the truth . Thank God a friend sent me the video cause she thinks I'm nuts as well . Lolol love you please keep up the good work .