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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Miss North Carolina, Then and Now

Jeanne Robertson,
Miss North Carolina 1963

   Jeanne has been sharing some of the events and excitement of the week leading up to the crowning of 2012 Miss North Carolina. This is the 75th anniversary of the Miss North Carolina pageant. Jeanne was quick to point out that she was not the first one. There were galas, luncheons, and all matter of smiling going on this past week in Raleigh, NC.
   For this historical occasion, the North Carolina Museum of History has a new exhibit: Miss North Carolina: Celebrating 75 Years of Memories. It runs through November 25, 2012. Click here for more information about the museum.
   Speaking of historical exhibit, did you know there is an exhibit at the Graham North Carolina of all of Jeanne's Miss North Carolina pageant stuff? Click here to read about it and the opening day on

Jeanne crowns Miss North Carolina 2003
Dana Reason

Jeanne tells a story about the year there were two Miss North Carolina Queens. It is on her "Southern Style" DVD, which can be bought in the humor store or via iTunes. The photo on the right is Jeanne crowding Miss NC 2003. That story is also on the "Southern Style" DVD.


Here they are, 44 former Miss North Carolina beauties with 2012 Miss North Carolina, Arlie Honeycutt.

They all are beautiful, graceful and still know how to give their pageant smiles. This was taken at the 2012 Miss North Carolina pageant.

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