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Monday, September 22, 2014

FABulously Funny

Jeanne and Christine

It's a wrap! Jeanne's 8th DVD/CD has been taped and is now being edited. It will be available in November in time for Christmas gifts. More on that as information becomes available. 

The show is really, really funny. Jeanne interacts with audience members, mentions some of them in the story she is telling. This picture is Jeanne with Christine Perry. Christine and Lee have been to many of Jeanne's shows; watch for them on the DVD. (We don't use the word groupie, because some of us think of ourselves as super fans.) 

On a personal note, I had a BLAST! And I have enough material to fill several posts over the next month. Please come back, I'll post on Twitter and Facebook when new stories are posted.

Kudos to the staff and volunteers at the Paramount Theater for helping everyone, especially a little old woman in a red wheelchair. 

Meantime, be sure to check the schedule for upcoming shows. Did you know Jeanne will be doing shows in California and Wisconsin in October? 

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