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"Jeanne Fun" is my way of sharing the fun, excitement, and news about Jeanne Robertson. A way to share stories, photos, and information, it is one part fan club and one part update. Comments and questions are welcome. My name is Linda, but I go by MissDazey. I am not affiliated with her company other than being her loyal friend and fan.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Show Goes On

All of Jeanne's fans were happy to see the new pictures on Facebook. Please check her Facebook page for the story and more photos. It looked like a wonderful time for everyone. 

Jeanne and her team are rearing up for more shows, more photo ops and of course, more laughs. Please check the current schedule here

This morning Jeanne linked this adorable ditty about her written and sung by Harold Payne. Have you seen it? Watch for bestest friend Norma Rose at about the 2 minute mark. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Days Are Here Again

This is me doing a happy dance when I saw Jeanne's Facebook posts about her "Girls Night Out". After weeks of being in hospital and rehab, Jeanne was able to have dinner is a real restaurant. She posted a picture; I have to admit I broke out in happy tears. 

Jeanne and her team have rescheduled the shows. Please check the "Open to the Public" page on her main website. 

The really BIG NEWS? She is coming to Branson, MO on October 29.  

Thursday, March 17, 2016

March Madness Is Here

Jeanne drives for the bucket 

"Nothing but net"

"In it to win it"

"Offense sells tickets, Defense wins championships"

"Court is in session"

It's March Madness time! 

And many of us are glued to TV or radios to watch every game. Many are watching on their laptops or a smartphone. Brackets are set! 

We know Left Brain and Jeanne both played basketball. Naturally, Jeanne talks basketball stories. Here is a favorite one about March Madness. It is on the "Looking For Humor" DVD. 

A few more of her roundball stories:

Enjoy March Madness everyone. I am rooting for Kansas!